Jacksonville, FL #11 - Cops & AMW Crossover Follow-Up - Recap

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(8:09 PM, Zone 1, Possible Murder Suspect, Sgt Michelle Cook) A man at a homeless shelter places a call to 911 saying he has seen a man from the TV show America's Most Wanted. Sgt Cook is responding to assist other units that have already arrived and have the suspect in custody. The man the officers have arrested is found with multiple IDs. The officers call the AMW hotline to have a picture faxed to them. While waiting for the fax, the officers look up the information on the AMW website and have the suspect look at his picture.

(8:32 PM, Zone 1, Traffic Stop, Officer Russell Johnson) Officer Johnson stops a vehicle for speeding through a residential area. When asked if any guns or drugs are in the car, the suspect says no. As Officer Johnson begins to walk away, the suspect changes his story and says there is a gun in the car. While searching for the gun, the officers also find a box of crack. The suspect is arrested for possession.

(9:15 PM, Zone 4, Task Force Briefing, Multiple Officers) The task force is preparing to serve a search warrant for drugs at an apartment complex. Once inside the residence, officers clear the area and arrest three individuals. While searching the apartment, officers see where the occupants have been cooking cocaine. All people inside the apartment are taken into custody.