Pierce County, WA #22 - Recap

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(3:02 AM, Pierce County Sheriff's Department, South Hill Precinct, Traffic Stop, Deputy Erik Clarkson) Deputy Clarkson spots an El Camino driving erratically and attempts to make a stop. Once the pursuit begins, Deputy Clarkson thinks he sees the driver dropping something out the window but then suddenly makes the call of shots fired. Further into the pursuit, the suspect throws his handgun out the window. When attempting to perform the PIT maneuver on the vehicle, Deputy Clarkson loses control of his vehicle. The Cops crew is next seen with Deputy Jerry Tiffany. A few seconds later, the El Camino goes into a trailer park and crashes into a tree when trying to cut through a yard. The driver has started to run on foot and a deputy is heard on his intercom telling residents to stay in their houses because the K-9 is tracking the suspect. The VIN for the El Camino comes back stolen. The suspect had used plates from his own El Camino on the stolen car.

(11:21 PM, Lakewood Police Department, Noise Complaint, Deputy Dan Wulick) While en route to a noise complaint, Deputy Wulick sees smoke coming from down the road. When he goes to investigate, he sees an apartment building on fire and begins to clear the residents out.

(2:23 AM, Lakewood Police Department, Fight in Progress, Deputy Joe Kolp) A man in a verbal argument is struck by a van. He tells officers that the driver of the van came barreling through the neighborhood and he told him to slow down. The two began going back and forth with one another and the driver drove into the man. The license plate from the van fell off at the scene and officers arrest the man responsible.