Odd Arrests #2 - Recap

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(5:21 PM, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Downtown Area Command, Assistance Call, Officer Zachary Johnson) Officer Johnson responds to assist the fire department with a physically aggressive man. Upon arrival the man begins to walk away. After about a block, he gets on the ground and starts to crawl. When officer Johnson attempts to handcuff the man, he becomes combative. The two then begin to fight. When the suspect knocks Officer Johnson down, the camera crew steps in to assist. The suspect is under the influence of an unknown substance and continues to be aggressive even after being detained. The suspect is taken to the hospital and is charged with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

(8:49 PM, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Officer, District 3 - Northlake, Disturbance Call, Deputy Sean McMichael) Officer McMichael responds to a disturbance call about a missing dog. Upon arrival, Deputy McMichael speaks with a woman in her vehicle who has taken a dog she claims to be hers that has been missing for a year. The family claims the dog has been theirs for at least three years. Animal control comes to scan the dog's microchip and the dog is not hers. The woman's husband attempts to bribe the dog's owner to prevent her from pressing charges and she refuses but says she will try to keep her husband from pressing charges.

(1:20 AM, San Bernardino County, Victorville Police Department, Suspicious Vehicle, Deputy Vanessa Duardo) Deputy Duardo spots a suspicious vehicle in an alley behind a convenience store which has had recent robberies. She begins to follow the vehicle and it starts to make sudden turns. Shortly after, officers find the vehicle flipped over on the side of the road. One of the occupants is outside of the vehicle and the other is pinned inside. After a field sobriety test is conducted, the driver is taken into custody for driving under the influence.