Liar, Liar #4 - Recap

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(9:15 PM, san Bernardino County, Hesperia Police Department, Pursuit in Progress, Deputy Lisa Guerra) Deputy Guerra joins the pursuit of a domestic violence suspect. The suspect fled from the scene of the incident and began to flee after officers attempted to make a stop. The suspect got into an argument with his wife and subsequently hit her. The suspect says the argument began because his wife didn't like his haircut. The suspect is arrested for felony spousal abuse and felony evading.

(7:46 PM, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Convention Center Area Command, Domestic Violence Call, Officer Kirk Guevara) Officer Guevara Responds to a domestic violence call between a man and his girlfriend. When he arrives, the man who called 911 is outside and cooperates with officers. While being questioned, he reveals he was assaulted. When Officer Guevara attempts to make contact with the girlfriend, she does not open the door. Officers enter the residence and detain her. The female denies being the man's girlfriend or having children with him. After officers speak with the neighbors, the female is taken to jail for domestic violence.

(9:16 PM, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, District 3 - Northlake, Suspicious Vehicle, Deputy Jason Bronson) Deputy Bronson responds to assist on a suspicious vehicle call. Upon arrival, he discovers officers have pulled over a vehicle and are questioning the female driving it. She claims to have been looking for her sister who left two hours ago to get a pack of cigarettes. She admits to having two drinks and consents to a vehicle search. During the search Deputy Bronson finds a bottle used to hold a crack stem. Officers then discover pills the woman has dropped next to the tire of their car. The woman denies having any knowledge of the pills and is taken to jail.