Coast to Coast #88 - Recap

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Corporal Bev Genevish of the Gwinnett County Police Department investigates a call about a domestic dispute. When she arrives, she finds both the complainant and her boyfriend in the carpark with officer Diane King. The complainant hits her boyfriend in front of the officers and is arrested. As the complainant explains to the police about her boyfriend having sexual relations with another woman in her truck, a witness comes forward to give evidence about her attempting to run the boyfriend over with her car.

Officer Jeff Harper responds to a call in which a male that had a knife, broke the victim's window and is now armed with a knife. The officers speak to the resident of the house who recalled the suspect's threats and physical harm against her. Officers then speak to and the suspect's girlfriend who was the target of the vilent outburst. She explains the identity of the suspect and gives a description of the car he drives and where he resides. Officers then travel to his residence and find the suspect in his car. Officers conduct a weapons drawn takedown on the suspect and his passenger. Officers find the knife described in the incident, positively identified by the victim and is arrested. The suspect's passenger is set free.

Deupty David Jones arrives to assist other deputies on an unknown trouble call. Deputy Jones arrives to two subjects being placed into squad cars. When the deputies attempt to question a male subject, the subject is sweaty, shaking and responds with answers such as "searching for the Lord". Deputies remove the male subject from the car and determine via pupil examination, the appearance of needle marks and questioning his female companion that he has "slammed" an excessive amount of methamphetamine. Police transfer the male subject to ambulance officers and he is taken to hospital.