Coast to Coast #89 - Recap

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Detectives Dean O'Kelley and Rob Wilson respond to a call regarding the discovery of a human skull in a local park. During an extensive and cautious search, the detectives with the assistance of a forensic anthropologist find additional human bones and discarded clothing in the immediate area.

While on routine patrol, Officers Rudy Reynoso and Juan Gonzales detain three suspicious individuals who where hanging out in an alley known for heavy drug activity. One of the male individuals is arrested after the officers find cocaine on him during a routine search. The remaining individuals are released and are warned not to return to the area.

Officer Christopher Curtis responds to a domestic disturbance call. At the scene, the officer interviews a woman who claims that her unstable ex-boyfriend tried to break into her apartment. The ex-boyfriend confirms the woman's account and eventually comes to the realization that he loves a woman who obviously doesn't love him.