Coast to Coast #95 - Recap

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Officer Kevin Berardinelli arrives at a residence in response to a fight in progress call. On scene, the officers are confronted by a man who takes a swing at an officer, forcing Officer Berardinelli to use his taser to subdue the individual. The tasered suspect explains that he had come down to protect his sister and apologized for being confrontational with the officers. Another suspect is arrested for his part in the fight as officers attempt to sort out the entire incident.

Officers John Campor and George Godfrey respond to a call regarding a family dispute. The complainant explains that his father and brother became combative and began throwing rocks at him. When the officers question the father and brother, they tell a different story. The father explains that he moved his family out to Vegas to get away from the drugs on the East Coast and help his son turn his life around. The officers question other family members and take the son to jail.

Deputy Randy Ivy pull a vehicle over on an interstate freeway for an equipment violation. As the male driver is questioned, the odor of marijuana is detected. Upon conducting a thorough search of the automobile, the officers discover a large quantity of pot. The young driver tells Deputy Ivy he only had the marijuana in the vehicle to protect his younger sibling from the drug.