Coast to Coast #96 - Recap

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Sgt. Jason Snyder and Detective Mark Goob from the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s Narcotic Impact Squad survey an area outside a convenience store where drug users meet dealers for quick purchases. The officers witness a female approach a male for a transaction and return to her car. When the undercover officers approach the woman’s vehicle, she panics and attempts to swallow the crack she just purchased. After being physically restrained, she reluctantly spits it out. A male passenger in the vehicle is also apprehended and found in possession of a bag of heroin along with other illegal substances.

Deputies Marc Taub and Joseph Ensminger of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office question the residents of a home that has been burglarized. Deputies learn that someone went into the house and trashed it. However, there is no sign of forced entry and nothing is missing from the property. The complainant and his friend appear extremely high and/or inebriated yet manage to carry on a barely coherent conversation with the deputies. The complainant believes his home was burglarized by someone he knows named “Jay” whom he allowed to “come live with us and be free.” Jay is reputed to smoke a great deal of pot. The complainant believes Jay broke into the residence because he was “evil” while his friend thinks it was due to the fact they wouldn’t smoke enough drugs with him.

Corporal Bev Genevish of the Gwinnett County Police Department investigates a call about a car hitting person with a bike. As she arrives at the scene, she find a female whose car has run off the road. While the vehicle’s windshield and hood are both damaged, the driver claims to have no memory of hitting anyone. A bloody young male then stumbles towards the officers. While he can’t remember anything that happened, it is clear he was hit by the motorist and flung deep into the woods. As ambulances take him to the hosiptal, officers recover his mangled bike.