Coast to Coast #97 - Recap

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Officers Andy Fincher and James Kettle arrive at an apartment building where a shooting reportedly occurred. The officers immediately hear screams and a young male comes running down the stairs. The officers are informed that the man claims to have been shot during an altercation with another male earlier that evening. The victim swings his arms wildly and tries to flee before being detained and eventually strapped into an ambulance.

Officers Rick Howe, Chad Finney and Detective Kenneth Simon apprehend three male suspects in the parking lot of a convenience store. This location is a place where people allegedly go to purchase heroin. After a thorough search of the suspects' vehicle, the officers find a bundle of heroin in a backpack and a 'shooting kit' inside a toiletry bag. All three suspects are arrested for possession of heroin.

Deputy Belinda Mangum spots a vehicle in the lot of a fast food eatery with three male occupants making furtive movements. The deputy smells marijuana coming from the vehicle and sees what appears to be marijuana on the driver's shirt. After detaining all three men and searching the unkempt vehicle, Deputy Mangum finds a bag of marijuana inside the car.