Coast to Coast #94 - Recap

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Officer Kevin Berardinelli observes a male driver who fails to signal a lane change. While attempting to pull him over, the suspect takes off and a high speed chase ensues. With assistance from a police helicopter equipped with infrared video monitors, several police cars are able to track the suspect to a wooded area. After fleeing his car on foot, the suspect is apprehended and taken into custody.

Officer Ryan Cook responds to a 911 call coming from an apartment building. A woman meets the officers at the curb and tells them her Romanian neighbor came to her home saying he was beaten up. We learn that the victim was struck on the head with a lamp by his roommate. The suspect appears inebriated and claims he attacked his roommate because the victim was sleeping too much and no one likes people who sleep".

Deputies Anthony Sampson and Demetrio Medina respond to a call regarding a suspicious and possibly drunk person in a public park. The male suspect appears inebriated but initially denies having had anything to drink. We learn that a park ranger called the police after seeing the suspect fighting with his girlfriend. After failing a series of sobriety tests, the suspect is placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence.