Jacksonville, FL #7 - Recap

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(7:52 PM, Organized Crime Unit, Drug Sting, Sgt Robert Phelps) The organized crime unit is serving a narcotics search warrant on at a trailer that may be selling crack cocaine. The trailer has received several neighborhood complaints. After the warrant is served, two undercover officers stay inside the trailer and act as narcotics dealers in a sting operation.

(9:48 PM, Zone 4, Possible Stolen Vehicle, Officer Jason Lederman) Officer Lederman believes he has found a stolen vehicle and proceeds with a felony stop. The drive is arrested for grand theft auto and warrants are found for the passengers.

(11:28 PM, Zone 1, Assistance Call, Officer Patrick Meyer) Officer Meyer is responding to an assistance call. Suspects have stolen from a bill changing machine and there is a K-9 unit pursuing them. Once stopped, the officers find bags of change. The suspects have been using modified currency that they can pull back out of the machine after the change is dispensed. The victim caught the suspects in the act and called in the crime.