Jacksonville, FL #8 - Recap

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(3:27 PM, Vice Unit, John Sting Briefing, Multiple Officers) The vice unit is setting up a sting operation to catch Johns. Three suspects are arrested.

(10:29 PM, Zone 3, Animal Complaint, Officer Bill Dobscha) A woman has called police because there is a snake in her residence. She believes it is angry because she stepped on it. The officers catch the snake in a paper bag and check the utility room for more.

(9:47 PM, Zone 1, Assistance Call, Sgt Richard Elkins) A prostitute has eluded the vice unit and Sgt Elkins comes in to help in the search. The officers find the man hiding in a tree. The suspect tells them he used to be a prostitute but doesn't do it anymore. He is arrested for prostitution.