Jacksonville, FL #10 - Recap

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(6:04 PM, Zone 1, Suspicious Vehicle, Officers Russell Johnson and Jeffrey White) Officer Johnson spotted a vehicle acting suspiciously and the team turned to follow them. The car quickly pulls into a driveway and the passenger bails out. Officer Johnson gives chase on foot while Officer White drives around to cut him off. Officer Johnson says that the suspect waited for the police cruiser to go by and then turned back to go the other way. He then cut him off at the front of a house and apprehended him. The officers found cocaine and a pistol which the suspect had thrown.

(11:17 PM, Zone 4, Stabbing Call, Officer Scott McNeil) Officer McNeil responds to a call of a stabbing. A young man's uncle has stabbed him in the back and is now threatening to cut his wrists to commit suicide. While the police are asking where the uncle has gone, the man calls on the phone and tells them he is willing to come out but due to health reasons cannot be lie face down on the ground. Family members confirm his health conditions and the police agree to the situation and the man is arrested.

(7:42 PM, Zone 4, Domestic Dispute, Officer Samuel Bearden) Officer Bearden is dispatched to a domestic dispute between a mother and her sixteen year old daughter. The father says the girl was at home with friends smoking marijuana. The parents called police to have them come and talk to their daughter.