Coast to Coast #108 - Recap

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Officer William Hutchinson joins in a high speed chase that ends abruptly when the driver crashes into a fence. After the naked male driver jumps the fence and takes off on foot, the police question the tearful female passenger with torn clothes. The driver is quickly apprehended and brought back to the scene in a police car. Sgt. Phil Parker explains that he was investigating the suspiciously parked vehicle when the driver reversed and nearly ran him over after sideswiping his cruiser.

Officer Hutchinson then checks out a vehicle parked outside of an apartment complex. When the driver opens his door, a cloud of marijuana smoke begins to pour from the vehicle, prompting the officer to remove the men from the vehicle. The suspects are arrested for possession of marijuana and being under the influence of marijuana in a public place.

Officer Hutchinson responds to a burglary in progress call. Officers surround the property and apprehend a male and a female found inside the trashed house. Both suspects claim they were looking for a somewhere to have sex, and their friend ?Dave? said they could use the house. However, the true owners of the residence arrive and the police quickly recover the deed to the house and other documents in the backpack of the male suspect.