Coast to Coast #109 - Recap

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Deputy Steve Ultsh of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office pulls over a suspicious vehicle with expired tags. When Deputy Ultsh attempts to question a male passenger, he flees on foot. The brief foot pursuit ends when the officer uses a tazer to restrain the suspect. During a routine search, the officers retrieve a loaded handgun from his pocket. Later, the driver of the vehicle is questioned and admonished for allowing his passengers to have open alcoholic containers in the vehicle.

Officer Anthony Pilutik of the Palm Springs Police Department stops a female bike rider for running a stop sign. During questioning, the woman admits to being a recovering drug addict and insists that she’s been clean for months. Her claims are contested after Officer Pilutik discovers drug paraphernalia and a large quantity of drugs in her backpack. Later, the dejected woman breaks down during interrogation and admits to possession.

Officer Aaron Williams of the Chattanooga Police Department enforces an arrest warrant on an unsuspecting male individual who was accused of sexual battery earlier in the day. Officer Williams exercises his good judgment and allows the concerned suspect to care for his 4-year-old daughter until his wife arrives. Although he insists that he is innocent, the suspect’s incensed wife rejects his plea and vows to leave him as he is taken into custody.