Coast to Coast #111 - Recap

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Deputy Iris Reyes of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office responds to a call about an unwanted guest at a local fast food restaurant. At the scene, the deputy is forced to restrain an intoxicated and belligerent male individual when he refuses to leave the eatery. During questioning the employee describes how the customer became uncooperative when he was told that the lobby of the business was closed. He’s arrested for trespassing and resisting.

Officer Anthony Pilutik of the Palm Springs Police Department pulls over a vehicle for making an unsafe turn. When the occupants, a female and a male, are asked to get out of the car and they are both searched and questioned. The passenger is arrested after the officers find methamphetamine (with a note) in the vehicle and cocaine in his pocket. The driver, who appears to be under the influence, is released after her vehicle is impounded.

Detective Calvin Kennedy of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police pursues a suspicious vehicle he spotted in an area known for drug activity. The dangerous chase ends when the driver abandons the vehicle and attempts to flee. He’s captured following a brief foot pursuit and is taken into custody without incident. When asked why he ran, the suspect admits to having an outstanding warrant. Before he’s taken to jail, he asks if he could say goodbye to his mother and his girlfriend.