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Coast to Coast #113 - Recap

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While patrolling a business district, Deputy Howard Hibbler of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department spots a suspicious man who may be involved in a string of robberies in the area. The man takes off on foot and is tackled as he tries to go over a wall. Assisting deputies arrive on the scene as Deputy Hibbler checks to see if the suspect discarded drugs during the pursuit. A loaded .45 caliber gun is found during the search. Confronted with the evidence, the suspect admits to discarding the gun.

Deputy Iris Reyes of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office responds to a domestic dispute involving an intoxicated and hostile female individual. Once at the scene, Deputy Reyes helps fellow deputies restrain the belligerent female. During questioning the woman’s wounded father describes how she physically assaulted him and his girlfriend when she came home drunk. The woman is arrested for domestic violence.

Deputy Mike Portillo of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department decides to check out a suspicious group of men hanging out in a high crime area. When the group tries to run off, Deputy Portillo immediately arrests two men who reveal that they are parolees. He also searches and questions a third man who happens to be wearing a holster. Suspicious of the groups’ behavior, a K-9 searches the area for discarded contraband. The keen hound quickly finds a loaded gun in a yard nearby. The third man is arrested after claiming ownership of the gun.