Florida Heat #1 - Recap

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Corporal Brian Adams of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is in pursuit of a vehicle occupied by three male individuals. The chase ends when the occupants ditch the vehicle and flee on foot. One suspect is found hiding in a dumpster – the other two evade arrest. During the course of the investigation the officers learn that the vehicle was stolen. They believe that the suspects may have committed “smash and grab” robberies before they were spotted.

Officer Roy Bevell of the West Palm Beach Police Department in Florida pulls over a suspicious SUV that matches the description of a vehicle that was stolen earlier in the day. The male individuals are removed from the vehicle and questioned. The distraught driver is arrested after an officer finds a large amount of cocaine in his pocket and in the vehicle.

While on routine patrol Deputy C. Sierra of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office decides to investigate a parked vehicle with a busted window. The officer finds an injured male in the driver’s seat who claims that the car belongs to his girlfriend. Disbelieving the inebriated man’s story, the officer summons the owner of the vehicle to the scene. When the victim arrives, she confirms that she does not know the suspect. The suspect is ultimately arrested and charged with burglary and drug possession.