Police Chases Special Edition - Recap

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Deputy Todd Holland of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida assists other officers who are chasing a male suspect who ditched a stolen vehicle. The wild foot pursuit ends when Deputy Holland tackles the suspect. The officers search the stolen vehicle and find two-way radios. They believe that the suspect may have used the radios in a series of car robberies in the area.

Officer Joe Denton of the Spokane Police Department in Washington is flagged down by a store employee who says that a man took off after he was caught stealing merchandise. The officer searches the area and detains a man who fits the complainant’s description. Although the suspect insists that he’s innocent of the robbery charges, he’s arrested for theft and for possession of crack cocaine that was found on him during a routine search.

Officer Cary Carrillo of the Palm Springs Police Department in California joins several units in pursuit of a stolen vehicle. The driver leads officers through a busy business district at dangerous speeds until the pursuit abruptly ends in a driveway. During questioning, the regretful suspect says that he’s on probation then admits that he tried to get away because he knew the vehicle was stolen. He’s charged with possession of a burglary tool and possession of a stolen vehicle.