Bad Girls! #10 - Recap

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Deputy Todd Holland of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office pulls over a speeding vehicle in an area known for drug activity. The young female driver is questioned and is subsequently arrested after the officer finds cocaine and marijuana in her car and on her person during a routine search. The female’s mother arrives at the scene a short time later and chastises her daughter after learning about her illegal dealings. The female is taken to jail and will face felony drug charges. The mother is told that this is her wake up call to and that hopefully she can help her daughter change her life for the better.

Deputy Andrea Eagon of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office joins fellow Deputy James Ennis in a traffic stop. The individual behind the wheel tells deputies he is meeting a friend and yells "Pocahontas!" towards a person walking away. Deputy Eagon stops the person and learns that it is male cross dresser who met the suspect on a phone chat line and was meeting with the man for a date. The respectful deputy runs Pocahontas’ info and learns that he has an outstanding warrant. The male suspect in the original traffic stop is also arrested after the vehicle he is driving is determined to be stolen. The deputies also inform him that his date is a man, a fact he did not know. The concerned deputies warn him to be careful of whom he meets on chat lines.

Officer Norman Jahn assists Officer Evan Rosenthal of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department during a traffic stop on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Officer Rosenthal informs Officer Jahn that the reason for the initial stop is for several flashing blue lights attached to parts of the vehicle – an automotive decoration that is illegal in Nevada. Officer Jahn questions the female driver and learns that she was out to pick up her friend near a casino on the Strip. The officer informs her that her passenger is only 18 and has priors for prostitution; a fact the driver claims to have no knowledge of. The 18 year old passenger is told that she has been ordered off the Strip for prostitution activities by the Vice Unit. While neither woman admits that they are currently engaged in prostitution activities, the 18 year old tells Officer Rosenthal that her pimp has beaten and tased her in the past and she does not know how to get out of the lifestyle. She is taken to jail while the driver is released and admonished for potentially maintaining a vehicle for prostitution.