Coast to Coast #114 - Recap

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FTO Stephen Fernez of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office responds to a report of a foot pursuit of two suspects who allegedly were involved in an armed robbery. While in route to the scene, the deputy learns that one of the suspects fled into a pond. With the assistance of a K-9 unit, a team of deputies retrieve the suspect from the pond and places him under arrest without incident. When the deputies ask the suspect why he fled, he admits to having an outstanding warrant.

Deputy Mark Lanier of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office assists on a disturbance call from a local restaurant. The officer questions the manager of the restaurant who describes how a verbally abusive and inebriated customer threatened his employees when his credit card declined. The irrational customer denies the accusations and insists that he intended to pay his tab. Despite his attempt to gain favor because of his paralyzed arm, he’s arrested for disorderly conduct.

Officer William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs Police Department pulls over a vehicle with an expired registration. The front passenger is taken into custody afterOfficer Anthony Pilutik recovers a bag of methamphetamine the driver had tossed out of his window. The driver is also arrested after the officers find drug paraphernalia under his seat. A female passenger is questioned and released.