Coast to Coast #115 - Recap

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Officers Joe Springop and Patrick Boucard of the Wichita Police Department in Kansas assist a patrol unit on a call involving a bondsman who’s attempting to revoke a man’s bond at a nearby residence. After giving the man and his girlfriend several opportunities to surrender, the bondsman is forced to use a sledgehammer to make entry when they do not comply. The female occupant attacks the bondsman and is almost hit with the sledgehammer before being pulled to relative safety by officers. Her boyfriend is taken into custody without incident and the woman is treated for minor injuries and released.

FTO Stephen Fernez of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida conducts a routine stop on a vehicle for a traffic infraction. When the officer asks for permission to search the vehicle, the nervous teen declines and calls his mother for help. When the officer turns his back, the teen tries to eat a bag a marijuana before a K-9 unit arrives. He’s caught in the act and is immediately taken in to custody. The mother arrives and reprimands her son after learning about this irresponsible behavior.

Officer Ron Robbins of the West Palm Beach Police Department in Florida pulls over a vehicle he observed driving erratically. The uncooperative female driver is taken into custody for an outstanding warrant and begs the officer to call her lawyer so that he could confirm that he had gone to court to resolve the warrant and none of this was necessary. The woman continues to tell odd stories and when confronted with a crack pipe found in her car, she tells the officer that she parked her car on the street with the windows down and someone must have tossed the pipe into her car.