650th Milestone Episode - Recap

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Officers Derrick Pendergrass follow a vehicle that was reported stolen. When the officer tries to pull him over, the driver takes off on a high speed chase. Meanwhile, his passenger signals wildly that he wants out of the vehicle. Eventually, the truck experiences mechanical difficulties, the passenger bails out and the driver is stopped. However, when the officers see the suspect digging in his pockets, they become alarmed and subdue him with a taser gun.

Sgt. Craig Campbell and other officers detain a vehicle with three young males. Illegal substances are found inside their car during a routine search, leading officers to conduct a more thorough search of the occupants. During searches of two of the men, officers find that the suspects have attempted to hide their drug needles inside their anus -- and one man learns the hard way that a needle that comes uncapped in your backside can be extremely painful.

Officers Brian Eckersley and Kurt Vigesaa respond to a call regarding a burglary. Upon arriving at the complainants' residence, we find a naked burglar detained on the floor of a kitchen. The suspect claims that he only broke into the residence to take a bath and meant no harm. The male homeowner tells the officers he came close to shooting the man that so invaded his home and scared his girlfriend. The suspect is arrested but appears to have enjoyed his brief time in the tub.