Coast to Coast #112 - Recap

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A routine traffic stop is abruptly interrupted when a cyclist is hit by a passing vehicle. Deputy Jason Corey of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department quickly contains the scene and calls for assistance. Paramedics arrive within minutes to treat the victim. Meanwhile, Deputy Corey questions the occupants of the vehicle that was involved in the accident. They all insist that they did not see the cyclist before the accident. When the investigation of the accident concludes, Deputy Corey prepares to deal with the driver from the traffic stop that was driving on a suspended license.<br /><br />Deputy Aaron Vanyi of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office responds to a domestic call regarding a man who came home and found his wife with another man. At the scene, the deputy is approached by a male resident who simply asks for his wife’s lover to leave his property. As the investigation unfolds, the deputies learn that the couple has been separated for months and have a history of domestic violence. In the end the “other man” and the jilted husband are told to leave the residence.<br /><br />Detectives Chris Conrad and Danny Cunningham of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office receive a tip that a known drug dealer named “Jose” is in possession of a large amount of narcotics. While searching an area known for drug activity, they encounter a man on a bike that fits Jose’s description. They identify the man as Jose and question him. During a routine search, the detectives find a large amount of cash and a container filled of rock cocaine in the Jose’s pants. Jose tells the detectives that the container is filled with "candy" -- but a quick test proves otherwise.