Coast to Coast #116 - Recap

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Officer Chris Wessman of the Fontana Police Department in California joins fellow officers in pursuit of a speeding motorcycle. The dangerous high speed chase ends when the driver loses control of the bike after trying to dodge an approaching patrol car. He’s taken into custody without incident. When asked why he fled, the driver claims that he was driving on a suspended license and just wanted to get to home. The young man is admonished for his foolish and reckless behavior before he is taken to jail for felony evading.

Deputy Jim Haman of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida pulls over a vehicle occupied by a female driver and male passenger for a traffic violation. When the deputy detects the strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle, he conducts a routine search of the passenger after he admits to smoking a joint earlier in the day. Although the passenger insists that he smoked the only joint in his possession, the incredulous deputy convinces him to reveal the hidden contraband (marijuana and a prescription bottle filled with cocaine) that was in his rectum. As a result of his cooperation, the deputy charges the suspect with misdemeanor possession.

Deputy Brian Williams of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio is dispatched to a local mobile home park to meet a woman who wants her common law husband removed from their home. The deputy questions the upset woman who says that she’s tired of putting up with her husband’s verbal abuse. Deputy Williams utilizes his mediation skills during a conversation with the couple which later leads to a peaceful reconciliation.