Coast to Coast #117 - Recap

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Officer Tommy Nikkel of the Wichita Police Department responds to an assault call in which the victim claims that she was assaulted by two males. A car chase ensues when police officers spot a driver matching the suspect’s description. The police apprehend the driver when he takes off on foot, after wrecking the car which police later find out is stolen. Before going to the hospital for medical attention, the victim identifies the two males and informs police that her boyfriend owed the two men money for drugs.

FTO Brad Bellflower and Deputy Justin Gould of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office spot the vehicle of a known drug dealer. The male suspect drives around in circles at a gas station parking lot before pulling over. Although the driver insists that he is clean, a pat down reveals contraband (marijuana, cocaine and pills) hidden in his rectum. The police discover thousands of dollars tucked in the side panel of his car. The suspect is charged with possession of a controlled substance, cocaine and marijuana. The police plan to use a K-9 to search for more contraband due to the suspect’s reputation for boasting about concealing cocaine.

Corporal David Hill of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office pulls over a van to inform the driver that the trailer has a flat tire. While questioning the driver, a young patron at the nearby bar begins shouting profanities at the deputies. As the deputies send the driver of the van on his way, a struggle ensues from within the bar. The police detain the young patron and question the older victim and several witnesses to the events. All witnesses confirm that the young suspect punched the older gentleman when he tried to prevent the young man from coming out a second time.