Coast to Coast #118 - Recap

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Officer Michelle Kramer of the Wichita Police Department conducts a routine traffic stop on a vehicle she observed driving erratically. During routine questioning, the officer spots a gun in the vehicle and the situation becomes tense. With the assistance of fellow officers, four males and a female are removed from the vehicle without incident. When questioned separately about the gun, all of the occupants deny ownership. The investigation concludes when the female passenger reluctantly identifies the owner of the gun.

Deputy Nelson Gomez of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in California investigates a report of a domestic dispute at a local trailer park. While in route to the scene, the deputy detains an intoxicated woman who admits to getting into an argument with her stepfather because he refused to take her to the hospital to be treated for spider bites. The deputy questions the woman’s step-father who has a visible injury to his hand. He describes how his step-daughter threw a butter knife at him during an argument and demands that the unstable woman be arrested for assault.

Officers Donny Meece and Tom Wells of the Cincinnati Police Department respond to a vandalism call involving a man who was seen tagging a building with black spray paint. At the scene the officers question two suspicious men who are hanging out near the vandalized wall. One of the men denies his involvement before the officer points out the incriminating evidence on his fingers - black paint. The sarcastic man ultimately admits to the crime and claims that his intent was to express himself creatively.