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Coast to Coast #119 - Recap

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Officer Jay Sayegh of the Fontana Police Department in California joins fellow officers in a high-speed pursuit. The extensive chase ends when the occupants bail out of their vehicle in a residential area. With the assistance of a K-9 Unit, the suspects are quickly apprehended.

Officer Rob Thatcher of the Wichita Police Department in Kansas responds to a domestic dispute. The officer questions a distressed woman who describes how her ex-husband assaulted her after they left a drive-in. The officer questions the suspect who contradicts his ex-wife’s story and claims that she assaulted him while he was driving. Due to the woman’s visible injuries, the suspect is arrested for domestic violence.

Officer Jennifer Rudolph of the Covington Police Department in Kentucky responds to a domestic violence call. At the scene, the officer questions a man who describes how his ex-girlfriend sprayed mace in his face after seeing him with another girl. The officer questions the girl who claims that she was forced to use the mace after her ex-boyfriend attacked her. As the investigation concludes, the officer determines that there’s insufficient evidence to charge the pair with assault. She advises them to stay away from each other.