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Florida Heat #2 - Recap

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Deputy Jim Haman of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida pulls over driver for a traffic violation. As Deputy Haman issues the man a traffic citation, he notices that the man appears to be concealing a crack rock in his mouth. The desperate driver is arrested and admonished by the deputy after a brief struggle to extract the cocaine. The deputy tells the man that he could have killed himself had he swallowed the drugs and that he should examine his lifestyle.

Deputy Dan Frend of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida investigates a suspicious vehicle he spotted in an area known for drug activity.

The driver, who has a long history of drug related crimes, is arrested when an officer finds 30 crack rocks in his vehicle.

Deputy James Evans of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida pulls over a vehicle he spotted driving erratically in traffic. Deputy Evans questions the nervous female driver who claims that she has no driver license or any form of identification. During the course of the investigation, the woman comes clean and admits that she gave the officer her sister’s information. She’s arrested for giving a false name and driving under suspension.