Tough Takedowns Special Edition - Recap

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Officer Evan Rosenthal of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spots a little person that has been arrested in the past for soliciting money on the Strip. The man is stepping in and out of traffic and appears to be attempting to stop cars on the way into town. When he sees Officer Rosenthal, he runs away and a short foot pursuit ensues. The male is detained but slips away from the officer again and starts to climb a utility pole. After several more acrobatic stunts, he is placed in the cruiser and given a choice -- go to jail again or try to obtain a real job with a sympathetic business owner on the strip.

Officer Brian Lee of the Boise Police Department investigates a domestic violence situation. The female victim explains that her estranged better half was sent to jail earlier in the evening and returned to the home infuriated at the events of the evening. She had been told by officers early that she could not deny access to the home to him as he was a resident, and she opened the door only to be angrily confronted by the irate man. The man eventually left, but only after brandishing a knife and telling her he "still had his gun". The man is found hiding in a nearby shed and tells officers he has a knife for protection on the road and only wants to hitchike out of town and get away from the victim as she has made his life miserable.

Officer Derrick Pendergrass of the Chattanooga Police Department in Tennessee pulls over a vehicle for suspicious driving and plates that are registered to another vehicle. The driver is nervous and appears to have something in his mouth -- which Officer Pendergrass identifies as crack cocaine. When the officer asks the man to open his mouth, the suspect very obviously swallows the crack rock. Officer Pendergrass explains that his life is in jeopardy and that if he comes clean about swallowing the drugs, he will call rescue services. The man admits that he ingested the crack and Pendergrass places him under arrest while calling for rescue.