Coast to Coast #121 - Recap

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Officer Evan Rosenthal of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spots a couple being entertained by a little person on the Las Vegas Strip and stops to ensure the man is not solicting. The couple confirms that the man did ask them for money and he is taken into custody after he begins to argue with the officer and resists arrest. The performer tells Rosenthal that he wants to fight Mike Tyson and is only trying to make a buck. His record of assaults and larceny confirms that the officer made the right choice in detaining the man.

Officer Jay Sayegh of the Fontana Police Department joins fellow officers after receiving a lo-jack signal from a stolen Cadillac Escalade. When Officer Sayegh arrives he hears over the radio that another officer has detained a fleeing suspect. After searching the suspect, a shaved Cadillac key and a lug nut tool is found. Back at the house, the officers have confirmed one stolen Escalade, one possible stolen Escalade, rims, and stereos found. A car theft task force is called to take over the investigation.

Officer Chris Rogers of the Boise Police Department has been dispatched to a 5 year old male child jumping and lying in the streets without any parents around. After questioning the family that found him and the child as to where his parents were, Officer Rogers takes the child to a nearby apartment complex to try and locate his mother. The father answers the door and tells the officer that the mother and child were on a walk. The mother returns and tearfully thanks the officer for saving her son.