Coast to Coast #122 - Recap

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Officer Brian Smigielski and Officer Michael Walsh of the Boston Police Department search the area where shots have been fired back and forth. A male on a bike attempts to run away before being questioned by the officers. A brief foot chase ensues and the officers call for backup when the male suspect is seen tossing a firearm into a grassy area before he is captured. With the help of a K-9 unit and a handheld FLIR device, the weapon is quickly found and the suspect is arrested on several charges.

Officer Bill Alberson of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is called to a family disturbance. Officers on scene onform Officer Alberson that the female was attempting to leave in her ex-lover's truck. She claims he owes her money and she decided she would rather have the truck. After questioning both the female and the male, officers find that the female has $9000 worth of warrants out for her arrest and is therefore taken to jail.

Officer John Mathis of the Boise Police Department approaches a truck parked in a back alley with several females milling about. The women claim they were looking for a dog that had gotten loose but as Officer mathis rounds the truck, he spots a woman hiding underneath. He recognizes two of the women and remembers that they have a no contact order, and having broken it they can be arrested. The women aare detained and patted down and a crack pipe is found. Both women become hysterical during the arrests and Officer Mathis must calm them down.