Coast to Coast #123 - Recap

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Sgt. John Faulis of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responds to a car burglary in progress call. Several witnesses’ flag down the sergeant and point out the fleeing suspect. The suspect resists arrest by running and is tackled by the sergeant. He initially denies going near the vehicle, but eventually admits he looked inside. Witnesses’ claim the man reached into the vehicle and stole three cartons of cigarettes. The officers search the trash bag that the suspect said only contained cans and immediately find the stolen cartons of cigarettes.

Officer Brian Jones of the Boise Police Department responds to a battery call with a reported unconscious suspect at a local park. When he arrives he finds a male with his face badly beaten, his eye swollen shut and dripping with blood. The male is questioned as are the witnesses. The victim is taken by ambulance to the hospital. Officers search the area to find the suspect. A young male with a bloody shirt and swollen hands is arrested after witnesses say they saw him leaving the scene in a red car. The young man is captured after telling a neighbor that he beat up the homeless man during a confrontation. The young male denies beating the man and claims the homeless man started the fight.

Officer Drew Parrish of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigates a domestic disturbance call. The female reporting party claims the male half instigated a fight and physically abused her. The male half shows officers strange knife marks in his arms and claims that she assaulted him with a knife and tossed water on him. The man also tells officers that the argument began after she demanded more sex from him. The man is taken into custody and demands the female be arrested as well. An independent witness tells officers that the man inflicted the wounds on himself as he observed the woman locked outside of the apartment for a period of time and observed the man come out without any visible marks and later come out bleeding.