Coast to Coast #124 - Recap

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Officers Marc Sullivan and Joseph Marrero of the Boston Police Department search a highly active gang area where a cop had been previously shot. Two suspects were in the middle of a drug transaction when the officers roll up. After questioning the first male suspect, officers search the area and find the second male suspect’s crack supply that he dropped while running. The first male is released and the second male is arrested for possession of cocaine.

Officer David Couture of the Lowell Police Department responds to a call that a van had been reported with men throwing beer bottles out of it. The two suspects are questioned. The suspect in the red shirt confesses to throwing the bottle. The victims are questioned and they confirm the story and add that the driver tried to run them off the road. Both suspects are arrested and taken to jail.

Officers of the Palm Springs Police Department set up a male suspect that had been online a couple of times with a “Perverted Justice” contributor who poses herself as a thirteen year old female. The male had arranged to meet the female at a park. The male approaches the girl and then backs away. He goes back to his car and police stop him. He is arrested, taken to jail and questioned. The suspect’s vehicle is searched to find printed directions to the address where he had been told the thirteen year old female lived. While being questioned at the police station, the suspect admits that he possibly would have had sex with her. He is charged with attempt at a lewd act with a child.