Police Pullovers #1 - Recap

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Officer Brian Binks of the Fontana Police Department attempts to pull over a vehicle that ran a red light at a high rate of speed. The driver fails to yield and leads the officer on a high-speed pursuit that eventually ends at his residence. The uncooperative man is pulled from the car and searched. When asked why he didn’t stop, he simply says that he didn’t want to. During the investigation the officers learn that the suspect has a long history of DUI arrests and is on felony probation.

While on patrol Officer William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs Police Department decides to investigate a suspicious vehicle in the alley of industrial area. When the officer attempts to stop the vehicle, the driver takes off. A dangerous high-speed pursuit ensues and ends when the driver looses control and flips his vehicle multiple times on the side of a dirt road. The officer is amazed when he pulls the uninjured suspect from the vehicle. During questioning the remorseful suspect admits that the car is stolen and that he cased another car before the officer pulled up.

Deputy Brandon Gish of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office pulls over a vehicle that matches the description of vehicle belonging to a battery suspect. As the officer approaches the car the desperate driver panics and tries to eat a small bag of weed. The deputy takes the driver into custody as he admonishes his irrational behavior. When the driver’s identification comes back clean he’s released and issued a citation.