Police Pullovers #2 - Recap

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Officers Mike Harper and Mark Longworth of the Cincinnati Police Department pull up to a parked vehicle occupied by three males. The men are questioned about their activities in the vehicle and they all insist that they were just “chillin’.” However, when the front seat passenger appears to reach for something, an officer spots a gun and a brief struggle takes place. The suspect eventually agrees to cooperate and is taken into custody without incident. He’s charged with resisting and carrying a concealed weapon.

Deputy Chris Wessman of the Fontana Police Department questions the occupants of a vehicle that is parked on a desolate road. The couple claim that they were headed to a racetrack. The driver (the male occupant) is taken into custody after the officer learns that he has outstanding warrants. During a routine search of the vehicle the officer discovers methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. When the driver refuses to take the blame for the contraband found in the female passenger’s purse, she’s arrested as well.

Officer Ryan Cook of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department pulls over a vehicle with a busted tail light. The female driver is questioned and claims that she was involved in a hit and run and did not have the financial resources to have the vehicle repaired.

Officer Cook runs her identification and is forced to impound the vehicle after he learns that she’s driving on a suspended license. The driver and her girlfriend take a few personal items before walking away.