High Crimes #2 - Recap

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Officers Thomas Weigand and Todd Ploehs of the Cincinnati Police Department conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle occupied by three males. The driver and one of the occupants are immediately taken into custody for outstanding warrants. When the last occupant is removed from the vehicle, the officers are forced to take him down when he becomes combative. He’s ultimately charged with resisting arrest and drug possession.

While on patrol, Corporal Michael Green of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office decides to investigate a suspicious vehicle occupied by two women. The driver’s deceitful demeanor leads the officer to believe that the ladies were up to no good. When drug paraphernalia and illegal prescription pills are found in the vehicle, the women turn on each other and deny ownership of the contraband. Both of the women are taken to jail and will face several charges including obstruction and possession of a controlled substance.

Officer Mike Goodwin of the Palm Springs Police Department investigates a report from an informant regarding drug use at a local motel. A male and a female resident are questioned and adamantly deny their involvement in any illegal activity. Given the female’s past drug history, the officers search the room and find drug paraphernalia under a mattress. Although the couple claims that they had no clue that there was a speed pipe in the room, they are arrested for constructive possession.