Ohio Drug Arrests Special Edition - Recap

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Officer Mike Harper of the Cincinnati Police Department follows engages in a vehicle pursuit of a vehicle he saw swerving on the road after leaving a bar parking lot. The male driver bails out of the car at a dead end and the pursuit proceeds on foot. Officer Harper tasers the suspect when he resists handcuffs. During the commotion, the suspect discards something from his shoe. Police retrieve the discarded material, a baggy containing individually sealed packets of crack cocaine. The suspect is charged for the pursuit, trafficking crack cocaine, possession and tampering with evidence.

Corporal David Hill of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office responds to a domestic disturbance call. Corporal Hill meets a female at the door, she informs him that she and her husband have been arguing and that she wants him to leave. Corporal Hill enters the dwelling and the couple proceeds to inform on one another as to illegal drug possession. The husband pulls marijuana from out of the entertainment center. Corporal Hill issues both parties a citation for possession of marijuana and suggests that the couple seek a divorce.

Officer Brian Baker and Sergeant Tom Fallon of the Norwood Police Division respond to a call from the Drug Unit. While investigating a drug operation, authorities witness a male suspect purchase crack cocaine and depart in a black car. Police stop the suspect riding as a passenger of a black car being driven by a female. The police find crack cocaine in the passenger seat. The both driver and passenger deny ownership and knowledge of the drugs, however, surveillance video shows the male suspect making the purchase just moments earlier. The suspect is charged with possession of crack cocaine and the driver is charged with complicity to felony drug possession