Coast to Coast #125 - Recap

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Officer Justin Gauker of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spots two men seated in running vehicles outside of an apartment complex. He questions both men; neither of whom live in the area. Both men claim to be waiting for females and the officer decides to question the men further. When both men are out of the vehicle the officer attempts to cuff and detain the first male who jerks away and runs into the complex. After a brief foot pursuit, the man is located hiding under a van and arrested. A quantity of drugs is found in the area that he discarded and the vehicle he was seated in is found to be stolen. The other man is let go after being admonished for being in an area known for drugs and prostitution.

FTO John Mathis of the Boise Police Department is dispatched to an apartment complex to investigate a charge of stalking. A divorced woman tells Officer Mathis that her ex-husband has been threatening her life, the life of their children and the life of her new boyfriend and has been lurking about despite a restraining order. He makes contact with the ex-husband who claims that he has done nothing wrong and only wants to be allowed to see his children. The officers take him in to custody after questioning the suspect further and determining that his actions do constitute stalking.

Corporal Brian Adams of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office assists FTO Brad Bellflower on a traffic stop after observing a vehicle leaving a known drug area. The driver tells the deputies that he was visiting a friend and was on his way home. The deputies do a pat down of the man a find a capped needle and dope in his pocket. The female passenger denies any knowledge of illegal activities but a search of the vehicle turns up a scale and a pipe in her purse. She then changes her story and tells the deputies that the driver asked her to place the items in her purse as they were being pulled over. The deputies admonish the young lady and tell her she should pick her friends more wisely.