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Coast to Coast #127 - Recap

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Officer Blain Holmes of the Las Vegas Police Department receives a dispatch call to check out a possible stolen vehicle. Another officer has located the abandoned vehicle used in the robbery and officers search on foot for the suspect. K-9 is called to see if the suspect can be tracked from the car. The suspect is found hiding in a dumpster and claims he was beaten and thrown into the dumpster even though officers have been yards way for over an hour and never heard a cry for help. A worker from the shop he robbed positively identified the suspect and tells officers that he has also been captured on surveillance video.

Deputy Andrea Eagon of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida attempts to pull over a vehicle with no license plates visibly displayed. After a brief stop at a gas station, the car takes off around a corner. Deputy Eagon follows the vehicle at a distance and notices that the car has crashed into a fence and treeline. The deputy is able to apprehend the passenger while another deputy is sent to arrest the fleeing driver. The terrified passenger explains that he was only taking a ride with the younger driver and begged him to stop when the deputy made the traffic stop.

Deputy Lenny Holloway of the Okaloosa County Sherriff’s Office pulls over a vehicle seen driving erratically. The B/F driver explains that she is helping a "drunk woman" out. The W/F female passenger (front seat) says she is not drunk but was letting the woman drive her home. The driver admits she does not have a drivers license and everyone is taken out of the car. When the driver is taken out a "push rod" is found on her seat. The back seat W/F passenger admits that the women were smoking meth and says she doesn't want to cause trouble but she knows it is better to tell the truth. The W/F suspect is arrested for drug paraphernalia and the B/F driver is arrested for driving on a suspended license. The honest W/F is let go because of her cooperation.