Coast to Coast #129 - Recap

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Officers Larry Mercurio and Robert Shaw of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police join in the pursuit of a narcotics suspect failing to stop for detectives. The male suspect eventually stops at an off ramp and has to be forcibly extracted from his vehicle. The narcotics are recovered from the suspect after he is taken into custody. The suspect tells officers that he did not pull over during the chase because there was not a safe spot to stop. The suspect also informs officers he has prior narcotics related arrests.

Deputies James Ennis and Tobias Smith of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office respond to a violent domestic call in an area known for illegal activities. On scene, the deputies learn that a daughter assaulted her mother while attempting to leave her mothers house after the mother’s fiancé chased her with a taser weapon. The daughter explains that the mother doesn't want her around because the mothers fiancé used to be the boyfriend of the daughter and that the mother doesn't trust them together. After running the daughter’s record, she is arrested for an outstanding warrant as well as the domestic violence charge.

Officer Brian Holmes of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responds to a stolen vehicle that has been located. Officer Homes pulls over the stolen SUV and conducts a felony traffic stop. The female driver admits that she is on probation for stealing cars in the past, but that she did not steal this truck like she stole the previous vehicles. She claims she was walking to the bus stop and a man picked her up and took her to a hotel where they proceeded to drink beer. When the man's intentions became clear, she stole he vehicle in an attempt to go home. The "victim" cooberates her story and says he took her to the hotel in the hopes of having sexual relations. The woman is charged with stealing the truck as well as drug charges stemming from meth found in her purse.