Coast to Coast #133 - Recap

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Officer Caleb Lenz of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department attempts to catch up to an officer that is in pursuit of a stolen vehicle that was spotted earlier in the evening. As he races to the scene, the officer radios shots fired and soon afterwards radios that he has been wounded in the gunfight. Officer Lenz arrives second on scene and finds another officer with the injured officer and a witness frantically pointing out the direction in which the shooter traveled on foot. A quick search of the area turns up the shooter’s shed clothing. A K-9 Unit tracks the shooter to a garage and when the man becomes confrontational the dog bites him as he is pulled from the shed. He is quickly detained and the semi-automatic weapon used in the gunfight is recovered. The young man is treated for his wounds as Officer Lenz talks to the K-9 Officer about the track. Lenz is given updated information that the wounded officer will be okay and is in good spirits.

Sergeant Jeremiah Marcotte of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a domestic violence call in which it was reported that the male half was choking the female half. The suspect was briefly questioned and was obviously under the influence of drugs. The female half and the father of the suspect were questioned as well. Both stories were the same. The suspect was detained and taken to jail after putting up quite a fight.

Cpl. Black of the Rialto Police Department responds to a call of several males fleeing the scene of a traffic accident. He spots two men matching the descriptions given by witnesses. The men also have obvious injuries from the crash. One of the men denies any knowledge of the events even though he has a large piece of windshield glass protruding from his forehead. The man has a history of felony convictions and is currently on parole. He also smells as though he has been drinking. The other male suspect cries and tearfully admits to officers on scene that he was in the car and then there was a crash and he was injured. At the scene, a witness gives officers a detailed report on what transpired. The 4 male occupants fled the scene after the vehicle they were traveling in ran a red light and collided with a truck and another vehicle. He gave a detailed description of the men as well. The man that claimed not to know anything about the collision is arrested and his parole is violated by the officers. The driver is arrested and taken to jail for felony drunk driving.