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Evidence...What evidence? #1 - Recap

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Officer Jason Moss and David Honick of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police assist fellow officers in a pursuit on a known narcotics user who has been arrested in the past. The suspect is finally detained. Fellow officers saw the suspect throw a gun while running. Four bags of narcotics were found where the suspect was detained. He was arrested for attempting to sell and was taken to the hospital and then to county jail.

FTO Mike Helms of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office stops a vehicle he suspected was trying to evade him. Helms questions her. She admits to driving without a license. Her license was suspended ten years ago for a DUI. She finally admits to drinking prior to driving. While Helms is explaining the situation to a fellow officer, Kimberly throws something under the police car. She is detained. Crack was found under the FTO’s vehicle and a crack pipe was found in the suspect’s vehicle. She is taken to jail for possession and driving without a license.

Sergeant Nicholas Borchard of the Rialto Police Department responds to a robbery at a local burger joint in which the suspects fled toward a trailer park. One suspect was detained and questioned. A black backpack was found with the reported black ski mask and the money. The suspect repeatedly denied having the backpack. A fellow officer who was interviewing the victim, states the suspect’s shoe matches that of a print found on the counter at the scene of the crime.