Coast To Coast #130 - Recap

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Officer Joe Maltese of the Rialto Police Department responds to a disturbance call. A neighbor spotted several males fighting and the men appear to be heavily armed. On scene, Officer Maltese spots several men walking away from the area of the disturbance and orders them to the ground at gunpoint. One of the men protests that he was going home and doesn’t know what is happening, but a pat down reveals a sawed-off shotgun down his pants leg – exactly what a witness stated they saw. The suspect, a minor, is taken to the station where his stunned parents question him. His father is frustrated and disappointed in his son’s actions but tells him they will get through this together.

Deputy Thomas Gunter of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office patrols an area known for drug activity and spots a 'hand to hand' transaction in progress. The deputy spots a male pushing a bicycle away and makes contact. The male suspect quickly admits that he is "busted' and opens his hand to reveal a quantity of crack cocaine. The suspect is taken into custody for possession and complains that the deputy is picking on him and that he was 'set up'. The suspect tells the deputy that several men flagged him down and he 'succumbed' to pressure to buy the drugs. He refuses to believe that he has not been a victim of a sting operation, although the deputies tell him that this arrest was not part of sting. The suspect tells the deputies that he was lured into purchasing the drugs and that he is not a drug user and only has a passing interest in crack cocaine. The drugs are tested and come back positive and the man is arrested for the felony.

Deputy Jennifer Torres of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a verbal/physical fight at a local motel. A female with visible injuries explains that her boyfriend became jealous when she sang karaoke with another man at a birthday party earlier in the evening. When she tried to hug her boyfriend, he pushed her to the ground. She claims she ripped a necklace off of his neck but otherwise did not touch him. The boyfriend tells Deputy Torres that they had both been drinking earlier and she got angry with him and would not back down forcing him to flee the residence to avoid any further escalation of violence. Witnesses indicate that the woman was the aggressor and the deputies arrest the female. She is astonished that she is going to be arrested when she has injuries. The woman becomes more irate and yells at the deputies that she should not be arrested because of her obvious injury. The male ‘victim’ professes his love for his girlfriend and asks why she has to be ‘so mean’.