Crimes In Progess Special Edition - Recap

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Detective Aaron Vigil of the Rialto Police Department joins in the pursuit of a suspect that has committed multiple violations including almost crashing into another motorist. As Vigil catches up to the other units, the driver spins out and is temporarily blocked in by two vehicles. He backs up and drives away and rams a pickup truck head-on that is waiting at the intersection. The man attempts to flee and is tased by officers. He is taken into custody and medical assistance is requested. The driver of the pickup truck is examined and he will require several stitches. All other victims are treated and the suspect is questioned. He claims that he is intoxicated and that is his excuse for driving erratically. Officer Sergio Carerra Memorial Information

Deputy Jeffery Grant of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office attempts to stop a vehicle after the occupants were spotted buying drugs in a nearby area known to have drug related problems. The vehicle doesn’t stop and after a short, low speed pursuit the driver pulls over and bails out of the vehicle into a densely forested area. The female passenger is extracted from the vehicle and tells deputies she doesn't know what is happening.

Officer Joey Perez of the Fresno Police Department responds to a home invasion in progress. The female homeowner called 911 and told police two males are currently inside her residence in the process of burglarizing the home. She was about to leave the home and found them inside and raced across the street to contact authorities. After officers completely surround the residence, the two suspects exit the home and are taken into custody without incident.