700th Milestone Episode - Recap

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Officer Rory Scalf of the Rialto Police Department assists in a pursuit of a stolen vehicle. The chase ends abruptly when the two male occupants miss a turn and jump out of the vehicle. Both males are quickly caught and taken into custody. The driver states that he purchased the vehicle for $200 at a liquor store, but cannot recall the name of the store nor the name of the person he purchased it from. More officers arrive and explain that the vehicle was just carjacked and the victims gave descriptions of the male occupants as the perpetrators. Officer Sergio Carerra Memorial Information

Corporal Joe Petroske of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office spots a truck that goes through an intersection at 70+ miles per hour and conducts a traffic stop. The driver claims he was only going 50 and mentions that his brother’s gun is in the truck. Corporal Petroske recovers the unloaded weapon from the vehicle and secures it until he can determine what is going on. The man tells Corporal Petroske that he just picked up the gun from a repair shop. Petroske tells the man that being a convicted felon; he cannot have the firearm in his possession. Corporal Petroske reads the man’s elaborate criminal history that includes burglary and possession charges.

Sgt. Pete Hedrick of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office patrols a stretch of highway in Lee County as part of a drug interdiction team. He pulls over a vehicle for a window tint inspection and observes an object being tossed from the passenger window. He recovers a brown sock containing crack cocaine and marijuana. The match to the tossed out sock is found in the center console and both men point the finger at the other as the culprit.