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Police Pullovers Special Edition #3 - Recap

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Sgt. Jason Hapner of the Indio Police Department spots a vehicle on the ‘hot sheet’ – a list of stolen vehicles in the area. The vehicle does not have license plates and starts to make erratic turns before taking off at a high rate of speed. The suspect bails out of the stolen vehicle on foot and Sgt. Hapner chases him through the apartment complex. When the suspect sees that Hapner has a taser trained on him, he immediately lies prone on the ground and is taken into custody. The apologetic and cooperative man thanks the sergeant for not shooting him. The man states that he bought the car from a friend before telling the sergeant that he is on probation for drug sales.

Officer Justin Gauker of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department pulls over an unregistered vehicle and learns from the driver that he has the tags, but failed to put them on the truck. The backseat passenger is taken out of the vehicle and Officer Gauker notices the man is trying to conceal several baggies of cocaine on the floorboard. After all three occupants are taken out of the car, the driver and front seat passenger claim they know nothing of the drugs. The homeless back passenger tells a different story and explains he was escorting the two younger men to score drugs. The men, knowing they are busted ask the officers to write them a ticket. The officers explain to the two men that there is no such thing as a ticket for felony narcotics and that they will be taken to jail and booked for possession.

Corporal Christopher Hice of the Rialto Police Department spots a Volkswagen sitting at an intersection making erratic decisions at the light. He initiates a traffic stop and talks with the female driver. While investigating the reason for her behavior a large crash is heard and two vehicles are seen in the aftermath of a severe collision. The occupants of both vehicles both seem okay, but the one driver begins to complain he is dizzy and paramedics are called to the scene. At the same time, the mother of the driver that rear-ended the other vehicle shows up and exclaims that this is the 3rd or 4th vehicle he has totaled and how will he get to work, etc. The woman and her son argue playfully as the vehicles are towed and the other driver is attended to. Officer Sergio Carerra Memorial Information