Stupid Criminals Special Edition #2 - Recap

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Detective Carl Jones of the Rialto Police Department spots a stolen vehicle while on patrol in an apartment complex. As dispatch confirms the vehicle is stolen, the car takes off. Without warning, the driver slams on the breaks and Det. Jones slides into the stopped vehicle, sending the vehicle skyward as the driver and passenger bail out. After a brief foot chase, the driver is taken into custody. He explains that he ran because he was on parole, but tries to claim he didn’t know the car was stolen. While he is being processed a witness alerts police to the presence of another man in someone’s backyard. The officers detain the man and Det. Jones identifies him as the passenger. Officer Sergio Carerra Memorial Information

Deputy Kelly Simpkins of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office patrols an alleyway behind several businesses that has become a hangout for drug addicts. A male is seen walking in the area and Deputy Simpkins makes contact with the man. The male suspect tells the deputy he was headed home and submits to a search of his person after the deputy learns he has priors for drug arrests. When the man kicks off his shoe, a crack stem falls out and he tries to push it under the car before anyone sees it. Not being fooled for a minute, Deputy Simpkins recovers the stem and the man begins to make excuses as to why it is in his possession. The deputy takes the man into custody and the suspect begins to plead with Simpkins to let him go with a ticket.

Detectives Gregory Woodhall and Michael Hoffman of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police patrol a local area common for drug trafficking. A male is spotted and attempts to flee. Officers detained the suspects after tazing him. A stack of money and bags of Heroin are found in his pockets. The suspect is questioned and arrested.

The officers counted 14 bags of Heroin and over $700 in cash.