Coast To Coast #135 - Recap

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Cpl. Shannon Whent and Officer David Lee of the Sacramento Police Department go to a home where a parolee is currently living that has an outstanding warrant. Cpl. Whent makes contact with another resident who tells her the man is not in the home. On the outside perimeter, Officer David Lee spots the man jumping over a fence. The two officers surround the area and K-9 arrives to help track the man. The officers are lead to a trashcan near a home and command the suspect to come out of his hiding spot. The man complies and is taken into custody without further incident. The man tells Cpl. Whent that he hid when he heard the police dog. The apologetic man will be charged with being a parolee at large and for misdemeanor resisting arrest without violence.

Officer Kenneth McCaffery of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spots a vehicle driving the wrong way down a one way street. The male driver apologizes and claims the female passenger gave him the wrong directions. He states he is from Florida but appears nervous and defers to the female several times to answer questions during the traffic stop. He also claims that he has not being drinking and that he has never been arrested. When the officer runs the couple’s IDs, the female has outstanding traffic warrants and must be arrested. A search of the vehicle turns up several open containers. The officer does a more detailed NCIC search and an extraditable warrant from Florida returns on the male driver for Grand Theft. The man claims that he paid his fines and did his community service and gets upset at the female for giving him the wrong directions. When told he is accountable for the open container regardless of who was drinking, he becomes more upset and states that it is his wish to see the female go to jail, too.

Deputy Jimmy Adams of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office responds to a call received of a vehicle that is driving erratically. When Deputy Adams attempts to make contact with the driver, he is non-compliant – talking on the cell phone, putting his coat on and reaching under the seat. The man eventually gets out of the car and the deputies take him to the ground. The man yells out to the deputies that they are going to ‘have to work harder’ because he is ‘army’ and he ‘don’t feel pain’. He continues to fight the deputies and keeps talking about being in the military. The man eventually calms down and tells Deputy Adams that he was upset because his ‘girl’ told him a lie. The suspect explains that he wasn’t trying to resist, he was just trying to get home. Deputy Adams tells the man that he did what he had to do to protect himself and ensure that he goes home to his family.