Family Feuds Special Edition - Recap

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Officer Mark DeLong and Officer Anthony Passadore of the Portland Police Bureau assist another officer that had stopped a stolen vehicle and had the driver bail on foot. Two female occupants are in custody when the officers arrive and a K-9 unit is on scene to help with the track. The dog picks up the scent and the male driver is located hiding on the ground next to a several dumpsters. The man is taken in to custody and questioned. He initially states he was in the area to smoke weed but finally admits to bailing from the vehicle during the stop. The suspect is on parole and cooperates with the officers, but is told he will be charged with alluding and being in possession of a stolen vehicle along with whatever his PO violates him with.

Officer Curtis Lawrance of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrives on scene to back up another officer involved in a foot chase with a DV suspect. The suspect is found by a K-9 hiding behind a wall and bushes and is taken into custody. The original responding officer tells other officers how he had to break the man's truck window to try and pull him out of the car during the call and the man squirmed out and ran away. Although the suspect was obviously attempting to elude officers, he claims he was not running and was trying to resolve the issue.

Deputy Dan Roufa of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office responds to a domestic violence call at an address that has been the subject of numerous prior visits by the authorities. A neighbor greets Roufa and explains that he called because the two combatants – brothers – were raising such a fuss he thought they were going to kill each other. Both brothers have visible injuries and are questioned. Neither brother wants to press charges and Doc, who has a bloody face tells Deputy Roufa that he is drunk and fell on the coffee table.